What is Functional Medicine?

Identifying and addressing the underlying causes of chronic diseases and difficult to treat symptoms.

Functional Medicine

Kristen Harding, M.D., started to look for new answers to help patients after spending more than a decade practicing as a family physician. While working in both metropolitan and rural settings over the years, Dr. Harding was constantly meeting patients with serious health issues for whom the traditional healthcare model had no answers. The current medical system is built around naming a disease and then picking the "right" therapy (usually medication to cover up the symptoms.) However, most patients have symptoms that impact many different systems in their body and the current healthcare model in America does not look at the whole patient to see how it all fits together. This led Dr. Harding to the discipline of Functional Medicine which incorporates a whole systems approach to health. It is based on the latest research and allows patients to take a leading role in improving their health and changing the outcome of disease.

To learn more about functional medicine visit  www.functionalmedicine.org