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If you are ready to change your health and your life, please call the office at 513-549-0494 to set up your personal consultation.

Unlike a rapid paced medical clinic, Dr. Harding spends considerable time getting to know you and your health history in order to understand the factors that have contributed to your current condition. For a functional medicine physician, finding a diagnosis is the beginning, not the end. The goal is to determine the "why" of your health issues and then work to restore balance and functionality to your body.

In order to meet the demand for functional medicine consults, Dr. Harding does not provide primary care services. All of her patients are required to have a primary care provider so that they have access to acute care and standard screening tests.


I have been a fairly driven person all my life, whether in academics or cheerleading or anything else I have tried.  Thanks to the competitive nature of cheerleading, I exercised rigorously all year round.  However, I was not very sympathetic to my body and its need for proper nutrition and rest.  I expected it to always perform for me at an optimum level on instantaneous demand.  This caught up with me as an adult, especially after child bearing.  I developed asthma and eczema.  After a particular bad bout with sickness, oral steroids, and antibiotics, my body significantly changed.

I put on about 25 pounds.  I was exhausted, and my eczema really began to worsen.  Dr. Harding started me on an elimination diet.  Since gluten intolerance runs in my family, I assumed that gluten would be a trigger for me.  I also thought dairy would be a problem for me because of my struggle with eczema.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that eggs and corn were also problems for me.  As I saw what they did to my skin when I added them back in, I began to speculate what might be happening inside my body while that was happening on the outside.  It was an appalling thought.

Dr. Harding also started me on a regime of supplements, beginning with a good dose of probiotics.  It was sobering to feel the discomfort in my stomach as the yeast and bad bacteria began to die.  As I got rid of them, my recovery really began to accelerate.  I began taking other supportive vitamins and minerals.

It has been an amazing transformation.  In five months, I have lost 22 pounds and 6 inches off my waist.  My cholesterol has dropped from 204 to 144.  My vitamin D level has skyrocketed from 19 to 50.  I feel so much better in all respects and I truly crave the healthy food that has become a staple of my diet.  As my body heals, I believe my adrenal function is improving.  I am still tired sometimes, but I believe that my body is taking its time to heal because I was so hard on it for so long.

One of the most beautiful things about Dr. Harding is her compassion.  She truly cares about her patients and is such a wonderful role model because she lives what she teaches.  After years of reading integrative medicine articles and mentally stockpiling questions, I have finally found a doctor who can really answer them.  It was such a relief to realize that there was hope for me.  I didn’t have to carry around the extra weight and skin condition for the rest of my life.  Dr. Harding helped me to take back control of my health.

-L.W., West Virginia

I’ve been seeing Dr. Harding for approximately six months.  I’ve always known something wasn’t quite right with my health, but was always told it was my weight, so I should just diet and exercise more.  But diet and exercise produced little or no changes and traditional medicine just increased my dependence on pharmaceuticals.  I was feeling so much worse in the process and frustrated.

We discovered that I have wheat sensitivity and digestive issues.   I didn’t have the typical symptoms to suggest either of these problems, but Dr. Harding patiently kept asking questions and narrowing the focus.   The results:   blood pressure is within normal range and dropping (down 20 points in 3 weeks), blood sugar is dropping; short acting insulin is eliminated and a 30% reduction of long acting insulin, sugar cravings are significantly diminished, sleep is improved and I’m feeling markedly better.

The results with Dr. Harding are dramatic and life changing.  And she’s fun to work with, collaborative, and knowledgeable.  I’ll be off all pharmaceuticals in the near future and I feel so much better.  My plan is to be a strong, independent, clear thinking, active person as I age; I’m certain of that now.

-R., Cincinnati, OH